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15 Stunning Architectural Shots, Courtesy of Street View

The Wielisczka Salt Mine in Poland [link]

The salt tunnels and caverns in Wieliczka, Poland (above) served as a functional salt mine from the time the complex opened in the 1200s until 2007. Though the site is now a tourist destination, the 124 miles of corridors across seven levels remain, with the deepest point dipping to 1,073 feet below ground. There's also a full-scale cathedral—chandeliers and a salty replica of da Vinci's "Last Supper" included—plus underground lakes, chapels, galleries, and altars. In all, it totals some 2,000 chambers carved from rock salt—a massive subterranean mini city.

One can tour the Wieliczka caves on Google Street View, as Gizmodo recently did. In fact, Street View software has brought all types of buildings—heck, in some cases, restaurants or tricked-out luxury aircrafts—across the globe within reach. Find 14 additional examples of staggering architecture and interiors below.

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