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Buy Ted Koppel's 110-Acre Cross Manor For $3.945M

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Broadcast journalist and former Nightline anchor Ted Koppel has put his Maryland estate, featuring immaculately restored houses (a four-bedroom main house and two guesthouses), 3,000 feet of waterfront along Saint Inigroes Creek, a pool, a boathouse, and tennis courts, on the market for $3.945M. While listing info and various other public records are in disagreement about the provenance of Cross Manor—considered by some the oldest home in the state—what remains as fact is that place is very, very old. HuffPo breaks down the various theories:
"The listing puts it at around 1765. The National Register for Historic Places notes that the name Cross Manor dates back to the 1600s, though the 2,000 acres that name first referred to has been subdivided in the hundreds of years since. Maryland property records, showing Koppel as the parcel's owner, put the building date of the main structure in 1800. In his book Off Camera, Koppel says the house "dates back at least to 1765" -- and that it is his belief that the original structure "was pillaged and set on fire by a pirate named Ingels." · Ted Koppel's 'Cross Manor' Home For Sale, May Be The Oldest In Maryland (PHOTOS) [HuffPo]
· 47733 Cross Manor Road, Saint Inigoes, Md. [Estately]