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Bike Hipsters Will Love Sandpoint's Bonner County Bicycles

While it is indeed the waning days of summer, anyone who has lived in a small mountain town knows the vintage road bikes/beach cruiser is a fundamental transport tool for groceries, errands, and pub crawls. Sandpoint locals will be sporting some of the trendiest rides thanks to Dan Shook, who opened Bonner County Bicycles behind the Edward Jones office in a converted garage on Fourth Avenue. Shook specializes in taking decrepit and rusted-to-death old bikes that have been sitting in fields or storage for decades and coaxing the life back into them until they look brand-new. He sells his stock of vintage bikes, all of which have some history, for anywhere from $50 to $500, and for roughly $100, will bring anyone's ancient cruiser back to life with a fresh tune, new tires, seat, handlebars, and whatever else it might take to road-worthify someone's old bike. Shook plans to hold "regularly irregular" hours during the off-season.
· Bike shop gives classics new life [Bonner County Daily Bee]