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Swap Out the Cubicle For a Crazy-Go-Nuts Work 'Volume'

This colorful undulating mass is not, as some may presume, a pile of lawn chairs or strange promotion for 7-Up or even an industrial designer's avant garde rendition of an iguana. In fact, it's supposed to be a chameleon, and its creator, designer/conceptual artist Michael Jantzen, dreamed up Chameleon Workplace to be an adaptable, single-person mini office, basically a cubicle that's got the panache (and everyday practicality) of a Formula One racing car.

The structure is made from three wooden support frames locked together to form a "partially enclosed volume," inside of which includes work surfaces and storage. At the end of each frame is a cylinder with rolls of fabric that, at the push of a button, can roll across the frames to change the structure's color scheme.

· The Chameleon Modular Workplace [G Blog via Not Cot]