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Wacky Arizona Design Mixes Iron Man With John Lautner

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This Batman logo listing in Paradise, Ariz., is—take it away, brokerbabble adjectives!—"awe-inspiring," "extraordinary," "finest," "opulent," "quality," "unparalleled," and "visionary." The 16,370-square-foot fortress of solitude mansion, which includes a "2,000-square-foot entertainment hall carved out of the mountain," was designed by the Scottsdale architect Nick Tsontakis and isn't actually complete yet, but is poised to become a reality for any buyer willing to shell out $30M. Those more interested in, say, adobe can buy just the lot for $2.995M.

Anyway, the renderings are pretty photorealistic—somewhat of a trend for architects these days—revealing what a John Lautner design for, say, a client like Tony Stark might look like if perched high atop the ominous-sounding Mummy Mountain. Now all that's missing is a movie villain.

· 5850 E. Glenn Dr., Paradise Valley, Ariz. [Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty]