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Much Ado About Government-Owned Property (In Aspen)

With both the Aspen Art Museum and Mountain Rescue Aspen to move into brand-new headquarters in the near future, the city of Aspen is trying to figure out what to do with the soon-to-be-vacant properties. The Aspen Art Museum will be vacating the historic city-owned brick building along the Roaring Fork River it has leased since 1980 when construction on the new museum at East Hyman and South Spring finishes next year; a grand opening date has already been set for August 9th, 2014. Mountain Rescue Aspen, the badass all-volunteer unit that specializes in plucking exhausted and lost Texans from deep in the wilderness, will also be moving into a new facility next year across the street from the Aspen Airport, and will be vacating the quaint West End home it has been operating out of. MRA owns the actual structure while the town owns the property underneath it, and it remains to be seen what MRA would or will actually do with the historic home.

City Council has put figuring out the future uses of both properties on its top-ten list of priorities for the year, and has been soliciting public input on what to do with the museum space especially.
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