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With Swings and a Carousel, Here's the Best Call Center Ever

All photos via In Design Live

No, this isn't a Google campus, though SCA Design, the creator of this office space in Singapore, is clearly going for the tech giant's famous funhouse ethos—a design dedication responsible for walls of blue carwash brushes and in-house orange groves—with their SingTel Call Center, undeniably the coolest call center in the history of, well, ever. Looking to annihilate expectations about what a stereotypical call center looks like, the design team incorporated "huddle areas" with such themes as "Sports," and "Beach." (There's even "coaching rooms" that "[take] staff on a journey through time, while at the same time creating a less rigid and more informal environment in which training can occur," according to the blog In Design Live.) Not exactly sure how exactly the postal service-themed room, fake roads, and carousel come into play here, but let's just go with it.

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