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Rent An Olympian's Crib: Bode Miller's NH Home Is On Airbnb!

Want to spend your Christmas ski week in the shadow of greatness? Bode Miller is renting his custom four bedroom, three bath home in the tiny White Mountain town of Carroll, New Hampshire for the tidy sum of $1100 on Airbnb, or $6,000 for the week. While a bit sparse on amenities compared to most of the ski mansions featured on Curbed Ski, the biggest benefit will be being in touch with Miller's backwoods upbringing that made him the ballsy, self-reliant speed machine on skis that he is today. As something of a departure from the backwoods home of his youth, this one comes with electricity and heat, although you're free to trudge through the woods aimlessly as the Miller brothers once did, or ski at Bode's home mountain, Cannon Mountain, which is only 20 minutes away (the flatter and more family-friendly Bretton Woods is twelve minutes away, as is the golfing at Mt. Washington Resort). Given this rental revelation (thanks to Unofficial Networks for the tip), one can only except that Bode is spending most of his time on his 100-foot yacht parked in the San Diego harbor, which we believe has yet to sell since we posted about it this winter.

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