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Tiny Wood Cubes Turn College Into a Study in Micro Living

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Thinking beyond the tiny cinderblock cell, the Swedish firm Tengbom Architects has just completed the prototype for a tiny wooden cell dorm room—of the future, Co. Exist predicts!—complete with a patio, a vaulted sleeping area, a kitchen, pops of chartreuse punctuating the light-colored wood construction, and, in come cases, a hammock. Measuring 10 square meter (107.6 square feet), the affordably produced model will soon be tested in 22-unit blocks at the University of Lund, where students can take pride in knowing they're pretty much the only people in the entire country living in spaces smaller than the 25 square meters required for student housing (an exception was made for this project). Like most other college kids, though, they'll live with a decidedly Ikea-esque vibe: the micro units arrive flat-pack style and can be quickly assembled on-site.

With that clean, minimalist aesthetic that's come to practically define micro homes these days, Tengbom's creation looks quite sleek. Though not luxurious by any stretch, as some student housing has proven to be, this is definitely not the worst dorm across the pond; that honor was bestowed upon an English dorm last month.

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