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Have a Look at a Haunting, Forgotten Victorian Treehouse

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Considering the internet's dual obsessions with tree mansions and abandoned buildings, it's kind of a miracle that photographers haven't yet swarmed this Nathaniel Hawthorne-esque—gables! bay windows! grandma wallpaper!—abandoned treehouse. Florida-based photographer Drew Perlmutter posted images of the place—which were in turn spotted and disseminated by HuffPost Home—on Flickr, offering a peek inside a Victorian tree-manse whose tenants have long grown up and lost their taste for indigo carpeting. Unfortunately, as is the case with many abandoned buildings (mental asylums, theaters, villas, and more), the exact location of the treehouse remains a mystery, though the photos are 100 percent worth a look-see nonetheless.

Head to HuffPost Home for the full set of photos.

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