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$13M Nantucket Estate With Its Own Sports Barn Finds a Buyer

Just a few short weeks ago, we told you about a new blockbuster listing by way of Nantucket. Since the island is no stranger to astronomically priced real estate, perhaps we should be more specific - this particular blockbuster listing is the "sprawling" Shimmo estate with equally sprawling brokerbabble and its very own sports barn (as well as a pool and tennis court, naturally) that hit the market for $12,950,000. It turns out that someone with rather deep pockets found the Shimmo Pond Road spread irresistible enough to make an offer and the seller found that offer just as irresistible. Thus, after spending just 19 days on the market, the sports barn estate is under agreement.

· Listing: 21-23 Shimmo Pond Road, Nantucket [Great Point Properties]