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Finally, a Golden Palazzo Decorated to Make Louis XIV Blush

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If your idea of home sweet home includes painted flowers, gold mirror, marble fireplaces, fake candles, and the world in fat babies with wings, have we got the place for you. The South Wing of this 12,702-square-foot Italian villa is done up in the "neo-Louis XV style," but, let's be real, the interiors of this place are probably enough to make even 17th-century French monarchy say, "Hey, uh, subjects? Yeah, let's take it down a notch. I think we've crossed a line." The wing was built between 1902 and 1911, with sculptures and paintings "by very famous artists," the brokerbabble boasts. Oh and What's going on in the North Wing, you ask? A "modern rationalist style," though few, it seems, know exactly what that looks like because all of the estate's listing photos focus on the gloriousness that are the jewel box interiors. Per the brokerbabble, the palacio also boasts incredible views of Italy's Lake Como and the Alps, an elevated promenade "where one can feel and enjoy the symbiotic flora and fauna," a tavern, another separate, 4,844-square-foot villa, a swimming pool, a greenhouse, "further separate greenhouses," and a three-story building "for employees." By the way: "the villa is sunk in the century old completely fenced 269,107-square-foot exotic park." The ask? Alas, thwarted again by "price upon request."

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