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Zaha-Designed Shoe Store is Appropriately Spaceship-Like

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Not content to just design Olympic stadiums, factory conversions, space-age icebergs Innovation Towers, or modernist houses for supermodels, Zaha Hadid has signed on for a series of boutiques for the shoe brand Stuart Weitzman. The first one (above), the 100th Stuart Weitzman boutique in the world, will open tomorrow in Milan; others, in New York, Hong Kong, and Rome, will roll out next year.
Though each design concept will depend on location, it's a fair guess that all of them will share the architect's signature futuristic vibe, with swoops and serves, curves and practically zero right angles. The 3,000-square-foot Milan store, for example, has fiberglass displays dipped in rose gold, according to the official release, and
"is fluid and playful. A dialogue of geometry and materiality creates an enchanting rhythm of folds and recesses further shaped by functional and ergonomic considerations. Modular display units showcase shoes and also provide seating, while a seamless integration of diverse forms invites our curiosity. The juxtaposition of these distinct elements of the design defines the different areas of the store. Rooted in a palette of subtle monochromatic shades, Hadid created an interior landscape of discovery centred [sic[ on two separate zones to enhance the relationship between the customer and the collection." Of course, this is not the first time Hadid has offered her take on foot-related things, nor is this her foray into retail. She recently unveiled Slinky-like shoes for United Nude, and her store-design credits include, well, her own.

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