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Park City's General Manager Retracts Anti-Vail Statement

The latest news to come out of the courtroom where Park City Mountain Resort and Talisker and Vail Resorts are duking it out over PCMR's lease renewal came in the form of a retraction from PCMR's General Manager, Jenni Smith. Smith retracted a line from a prepared statement that read "We have always preferred a fair resolution between the parties instead of a court fight, but Vail and Talisker have repeatedly rejected our more than reasonable offers and countered with outrageous demands." Apparently giving Vail credit for rejecting offers wasn't quite due, as they haven't rejected any offers from PCMR since getting involved. In other related news, the judge determined that PCMR will not have to give up e-mails it sent to its lawyers regarding the lease renewal, which Talisker/Vail had requested in order to determine if they had deliberately backdated their lease renewal two days to the April 30, 2011 deadline.
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