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There's a Smurf-Blue Mini Village Perched Above Rotterdam

Not to be outdone by the world's other strange houses plunked onto rooftops, Dutch architecture firm MVRDV—the masterminds such contemporary oddities as Indonesia's heap of buildings, The Netherlands' Book Mountain, and South Korea's exceedingly controversial "cloud towers" proposal—has created an all-blue rooftop extension in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Perhaps taking cues from Europe's other Smurf-hued architecture—indeed, the entire town of Júzcar, Spain, was done up in the color for the 2011 film—MVRDV made the bedrooms each their own miniature house, building atop an existing house a mini village, with courts and alleys. One heavy-handed slap of blue poly-urethane coating later et voilà: another ultra modern, media-attracting project in the bag.

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