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Millionaire Claims Ferrari Owners Are "Targeted" In Aspen

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It's moments like these when Aspen locals actually question whether their town's soul has been overrun by tactless one-percenters and considering leaving town for some backwards corner of Montana with good skiing and no one with an income over forty thousand dollars. In a completely un-selfconcious moment afforded only to the uber-rich, Texas millionaire and part-time Aspen resident Marc Ostrofsky claimed that him and other local owners of red Ferraris have been unfairly discriminated against by local police, who he claimed in court pull minorities like him over more often than the average motorist. Mr. Ostrofsky, the multi-millionaire author of Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online, was cited for going 34 in a 25 mph zone on Main Street and pleaded not guilty, claiming he was without a doubt not speeding. He even offered to pay $10,000 to have the arresting officer take a lie detector test, but the judge denied that offer, saying "It's not how my system works."

Since he pled not guilty, the judge declared the trail would go to court, but that wouldn't work for Mr. Ostrofsky, who is soon returning to Texas and is not due back until "the holidays and then next summer." A lawyer advised him and the six other Ferrari owners in town (only six?) to come to court and speak about how they've been targeted, by Ostrofsky said that'd be too difficult to orchestrate. We can only guess that's because the rest of this ostracized minority has already left for the winter in Palm Beach or Houston, where they are speeding in different foreign sports cars.

The gentleman in turn pleaded no contest, and paid a $100 administrative fee to take an online driving course, which he will no doubt make his secretary do in his stead. What's the lesson here? It could be that whatever kind of low-brow headiness that first attracted Hunter S. Thompson is officially dead and gone, having been run over by a red Ferrari driven by a Houston millionaire who needs some perspective on things.
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