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Koolhaas, Jongerius Team Up on the UN's Coolest Lounge

While you might not automatically peg the North Delegates' Lounge in the United Nations buildings as a cozy, informal spot to hang out—not that an invitation has exactly been extended—designer Hella Jongerius and starchitect Rem Koolhaas have turned the diplomat's meeting place into just that. Koolhaas, joined by fellow Dutch creative types like graphic designer Irma Boom and artist Gabriel Lester, went to work removing a mezzanine that previously obscured East River views, and the renovating the interior of the room with a more informal feeling in mind.

Outfitted in blue, green and purple upholstered chairs and couches (designed especially for the UN by Jongerius) and orange carpeting, the space feels less like a breeding ground for tense political discourse among policymakers, and more like an incredibly stylish (and very Dutch) rec room. While much of the original 1960s art remains, Jongerius added a curtain made from hand-knotted yarn and 30,000 porcelain beads. Say the designers, "The renovation and redesign of the lounge is a gift from the Netherlands to the UN." Thanks, Netherlands!

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