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With ABC Underpass Project Delayed, 2/3 Of Its Managers Quit

Flatiron Construction, the company tasked with building the critical pedestrian underpass that will connect the Aspen Airport to the Aspen Business Center underneath Highway 82, has lost two of the three project managers this week. One quit and a second was asked to resign as the project has fallen a month behind schedule and the end of the fall construction season looms. Local officials say they need managers with "more experience and engineering expertise," and previously gave Flatiron until November 8th to finish the underpass and November 27th to complete the new bus stations.

Efforts to speed up construction recently were underwhelming, with Flatiron employees failing to arrive for evening shifts, but the number of workers on site has increased in recent days. The major concern is that Highway 82 be re-aligned to its original straight tack before the winter, as the county doesn't want drivers having to deal with the current S-turns with ice and snow on the road.
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