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Farewell From Curbed Ski's Founding Editor

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As they say, all good things must come to an end, like my tenure here as Editor of Curbed Ski, which ends today. Not good in the sense that I think my handling of this site has been particularly incredible, but good in the sense of me enjoying the experience with all of you and following interesting stories, homes, and people of America's great ski towns. On Monday I'll be heading off for greener pastures in Jackson Hole, where I'll be taking over the Associate Editor position at Teton Gravity Research, an action sports film production company that has been running its own news site for the past several years. I'll be taking over much of the ski-specific coverage there, and you're sure to find me reporting on many of the big stories you've seen here, like Mammoth's renaissance and the ongoing drama over the base village at Squaw Valley.

On Monday, Curbed Ski will be taken over by Denver-based writer Megan Barber, who's grown up a bit closer to the action out in Colorado and has been penning away about the local food scene there. She's even got a PhD! Megan's due to do great things for the site and I look forward to seeing how things progress here in the Curbed Ski universe/blogosphere.

Once again, thanks to all of you for helping to make this site a success (reading it tends to do so, keep that in mind), and I'll see you on the hill!