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Are These Cape Cod's Only Cronut Knockoffs?

Are these Cape Cod's only Cronut knockoffs? At the very least, the Kronuts at Keilar's Bakery in South Yarmouth are the easiest to find since they were briefly referred to as Cronuts. Now that New York pastry chef Dominique Ansel, inventor of the insanely popular croissant-doughnut hybrid, has applied for an international trademark on the term "Cronut," copycats the world over (no, really) are coming up with new names for their version of the trendy treat. We've yet to find another Cape or Islands bakery that's hopped on the Cronut bandwagon, but perhaps they're being served up as secret menu items? If you know of any Cronut knockoffs on this side of the bridge, please let us know - the tipline is open at

· Photos via Keilar's Bakery [Facebook]
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