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Come Take a Tour of Nike's Very Nike-fied London HQ

Much like the iconic kicks themselves, Nike's newly designed UK headquarters are stylish, brightly hued, and ever-so-branded. While the athletic company's space lacks the fake lawns, arcades, and electric blue hair walls that we've come to expect from hyper-designed offices on this side of the pond, the new look is nothing if not on brand.

Rosie Lee, the design firm behind the overhaul, explains that each floor represents a different "theme zone," including an Air Jordan zone, inspired by the late-eighties Spike Lee commercial campaign, an Air Max 180 zone, decked out in Ralph Steadman artwork created for the brand, and a Nike Tech zone, the sleekest of the three, with matte black walls and LED lights. On what wall space is left, illustrator Chris Martin created original murals featuring famous London landmarks, cartoon animals in wee sneakers, and—you guessed it—many a Nike swoosh.

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