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Here's a 'Modern Masterpiece for Prince' by 'Warhol, Picasso'

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Many real estate listings have exploited their connections, whether large or minuscule, to Andy Warhol, but few have deigned to declare what artistic work would be produced if the late Pop Art icon were to team with the Spanish master Pablo Picasso. Actually, only one listing in the history of listings, ever, has done that, and it's this very white, very Deco, very curvaceous, five-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom, 5,500-square-foot house in Deer Park, Ill., which asks would-be buyers to "imagine if Picasso & Andy Warhol designed a modern masterpiece for Prince." Whether the brokerbabble means the pop musician or an actual prince is neither here nor there—let's face it, both would make sense. What's truly important are the following caveats: "Bring your contractor. Needs work but this clean palate is waiting for your creative brush. SOLD AS-IS." Naturally, the price is also kitschy: the place has been slashed from $3.7M to $1,111,111.

· 21660 Rainbow Road, Deer Park, Ill. [Redfin]