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Arapahoe Basin Plans on New Lifts, New Terrain, and More

Today marks the start of a new series on Curbed Ski that looks at the master plans of various ski resorts. For diehard skiers, this is important information. Will that slow three-chair ever be converted into a quad? Should you buy a condo on the west side or east side of the resort? These questions will be answered as we dive into where ski resorts are headed in the next few years. Our first stop is a local's favorite: Arapahoe Basin, one of the oldest resorts in Colorado's Summit County. A-Basin's longterm plan includes everything from new lifts to new terrain. Expert skiers will rejoice in the replacement of the 1978 Pallavicini lift and the resort also plans on replacing the Molly Hogan lift and removing the Norway chairlift. Anyone who enjoys Montezuma Bowl on a powder day will be thrilled to know that the resort plans to add a short surface lift to improve access to the bowl. The master plan also includes increased water storage for snowmaking and a new lift in the Beavers area. The Beavers terrain, currently used only by backcountry skiers, would open up more than 400 acres of advanced and expert tree skiing. Locals are a little less enthused about plans for a zip line at the base of the mountain, but the other developments seem to offer enough serious skiing to satisfy critics.

The US Forest Service has announced that A-Basin can begin implementing pieces of the master plan. Here's a run down of what they will tackle first:
· Steps to clear and glade the Beavers area.
· Plans for the Beavers chairlift, a four-person lift that would gain 1,500' in elevation.
· Environmental studies on the proposed improvements, including the final location for a reservoir expansion.
· Plans for the surface lift that will improve access to Montezuma bowl.

For anyone interested in A-Basin's master plan or the proposed expansions, the ski area will hold a public meeting on October 3. Attendees will get a chance to explore the terrain, but wear your walking shoes as the tour will take most of the day and involve trekking over rough terrain.
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