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Seven Great Zingers From Architizer's Libeskind Takedown

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It was only a matter of time before Architizer's "The Angry Architect" column shifted the spotlight to the world's most controversial (pseudo) architect, the man whose every project evokes dozens of utterly eviscerating Curbed comments, the fellow whose "continued existence," one commenter once wrote, "is a mockery of culture and humanity worldwide." Yes, today the Angry Architect rails on Daniel Libeskind's "obtusely named" L Tower, a boot-shaped glass structure now shuffling toward completion in Toronto. Here now, the seven best lines from the post all about Libeskind's "greatest failure yet":

7. "The boot was crudely amputated, its toe replaced by an entrance lobby in the guise of—yes, you guessed it—a jaunty, prism-like display of deconstructivism. Surprise!"

6. "Meanwhile, the sweeping curve at its peak appears to carry no purpose, apart from providing that essential staple of vanity projects: the novel silhouette."

5. "The L Tower moves away from Libeskind's usual architectural vocabulary, yet it is no less flamboyant in its formalistic nature, and no less dubious in its practical conception."

4. "Studio Daniel Libeskind has failed to convince that it is capable of designing on this scale—for a mixed-use, residential program."

3. "It appears to have been designed entirely in profile, with no real concern for orientation in relation to solar gain."

2. "Sorry to put the boot in, Daniel?"

And the bonus, non-L Tower jab:

1. "His Citylife high-rise in Milan is a bungled attempt to translate this same language to the vertical, culminating in an ill-proportioned, inelegant misadventure."

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