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Spend the Workday Lost in This Glass-and-Mirror Office

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Office real estate developer Soho China is no stranger to high-design work spaces. Considering they're the ones who commissioned starchitect Zaha Hadid to make bulbous blobs for their Wangjing SOHO complex in Beijing—an aesthetic that proved so popular, copy cat renderings sprung up across China—it's not surprising that the company's other fancy developments get the same high-design treatment. What is surprising, however, is how the entirety of its Fuxing Plaza office in Shanghai, designed by local firm AIM Architecture, is basically a tangle of glass and mirror straight out of that Nintendo 64 James Bond game, Goldeneye 007.

First of all, the entryway is an all-white corridor that is 100 percent secured by lasers. Inside is not, despite said laser security system, the world's largest, rarest ruby, but rather an office space/showroom planked entirely in glass. Why? Well, besides being totally cool-looking, the place is meant to showcase the raw spaces available for rent. They told Dezeen: "As Soho rents out the offices in this building in bare shell state, the main design idea is to show the customers what they are actually getting, and at the same time add a layer of inspiring luxury to it ... The glass-only approach allows a complexity that emerges from a simple choice."

Per the architects: "Membrane ceilings create extra attention for the models. Light and surfaces reflect throughout the space, even further diffused by half see-through mirrors. Some of the floors are islands of stone or carpet, to create static moments to offset this sea of reflectivity."

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