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And Now, Two Instagram Shots of Mindy Kaling's Home

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Recently funny lady Mindy Kaling (The Office, The Mindy Project) showed off her Los Angeles home on—what else?!—Instagram, and spoke to Elle Decor a bit about her interior design strategy. This isn't the place the star bought in May—that's a fixer-upper that apparently needs tons of work—rather, it's a house she bought in 2007, which so happens to be just down the street from her new digs.

Kaling's feminine style is evident in the various floral prints throughout the bedroom, along with a rolling dress rack and shoe box collection. Or, in other words: "[An] insane asylum for adolescent girls' comes to mind," as the actress says. A second shot (?) shows a bunch of colorful chairs upholstered in Missoni fabrics, along with a modern, angular bookcase designed by Erik Heywood. Fans of The Mindy Project might notice that this L.A. house and the fictional Mindy's New York apartment look quite similar, and that's because Kaling plays a huge role in furnishing the soundstage set. She explains, "I figure, it's best to live your life and decorate your house such as if you ever become mega famous and died, people would have a lot of fun touring your crazy house." Hear, hear!

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