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Let This Cape Town Cafe Instruct in the Ways of Steampunk

All photos via Colossal

Finally: an establishment so dedicated to the industrial-Victorian steampunk trend—now with more exposed pipes, unnecessary gears, gas masks, and top hats!—than even NYC's renown steampunk apartment. In fact, the decor of Truth Coffee Shop, a converted warehouse building in Cape Town, South Africa, is so dizzying, it's something of a challenge to notice even major design choices like the space's bar clad in coffered ceiling tiles, metallic chesterfield sofas, and vintage French worker chairs amongst the absurd visual noise of broken typewriters, old sewing machines, antique books, saw blade tabletops, clocks, hatboxes, and, dear God, so so much more.

Designer Heldane Martin actually based the entirety of Truth's Victorian/futuristic aesthetic on the look of old espresso machines and coffee roasters. "Both coffee roasters and espresso machines display elements of romantic, steam powered technology," writes the designer. Plus, "David Donde, the main face behind Truth, loved the idea, as this Victorian futuristic fantasy style and literary philosophy resonated strongly with his 'maverick inventor' personality."

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