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Buy the Super-Sleek Home From ABC's Nashville For $2.1M

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Fans of the ABC show Nashville—returning for the second season tonight—will recognize this listing as the ultra-swank, modern digs of none other than Juliette Barnes, Hayden Panettiere's cowboy boot-wearing, man-stealing country-songstress character. The 5,370-square-foot home was designed by Stephen Kanner, who co-founded the A+D Museum of Los Angeles, and boasts an infinity pool, views of downtown, and floor-to-ceiling windows—this being an ABC drama, it's likely something like a chair will be thrown through those floor-to-ceiling windows this season. Listed for $2.1M, the place sports quite a PriceChop from its previous ask of more than $3M. Coincidentally, the far more traditional estate that plays the home of Barnes' rival, Connie Britton's Rayna James, was listed last year for $19.5M and then pulled off the market. So happy Wednesday, Nashville fans.

· 917 Overton Lea Rd, Nashville, TN [Trulia via Trulia Luxe Living]