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Here's a Look Inside Brian Setzer's Retro, Rock 'N' Roll Pad

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Brian Setzer, of Stray Cats (and later The Brian Setzer Orchestra) fame, is asking $1.299M for his recently listed Minneapolis apartment. While the 3,093-square-foot, two-bedroom unit doesn't look all that notable from the outside, the interior shots show pretty much exactly what's to be expected from a man who built his career reviving rockabilly music, complete with retro pinball arcade games, a solid-gold hallway of Grammys, a powder-pink leopard-print laundry room (disco ball included, naturally), and one Prince-worthy purple couch, the design eye seems to be half rockstar and half teen boy's dream home (but really, how much of a distinction is there between the two to begin with?) Do have a look:

· 111 4Th Ave N Apt 705 [, via Blog]