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Fabulously Dated 1955 Time Capsule in Jersey Asks $299K

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In 1955 Jules Gregory, an architect later noted for churning out designs that exhaust the era's home trends—large windows! single stories! oranges and browns! classroom-like utilitarianism!—built this three-bedroom spread in Delaware Township, N.J., and, well, not much has changed since. There's the same boxy, light-filled layout, the same red-orange and yellow kitchen panels, the same abrupt outdoor entry space. In fact, the brokerbabble brags that the place, seated in the woods of South Jersey, is "practically unaltered." More to the point, listing info also notes "sellers installing new septic"—a true time capsule, indeed. Photos below.

· #3043847, Delaware Twp., N.J. [Estately]