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Swiss Artist's 'Mummified' House Looks Eerily Like Skin

Earlier this month, the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris unveiled an exhibition highlighting the late Swiss artist artist Hiedi Bucher, (1926-1993), who used latex molds to create a haunting version of her childhood home in Winterthur, Switzerland. Fascinated by the relationship between the body and architecture, Bucher methodically coated the structure in liquid latex and ever so carefully peeled it off.

The intention behind the life-sized recreations seems to be two-fold. While Bucher has meticulously "mummified" the structure's shape and detailing—down to the engraved patterns on the front door—to preserve the "memory of [the] place," the skin-like hangings are more than a little bit sinister in a Silence of the Lambs way, as they look like they've been shed. Do take a look at the collection, right this way.

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