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Bunk in a Legendary Bauhaus Building for Just $55 a Night

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Those looking to live out their architect dreams George Costanza-style might consider booking a night at the new boutique hotel at Bauhaus Dessau. The second of the three legendary German Bauhaus schools designed by the great Walter Gropius, this outpost, in Dessau-Rosslau, Germany, is said to embody the Bauhaus design sensibility most strongly of the three locations, with its heavy emphasis on functionality and, in the foundation's own words, "cool elegance and formal simplicity." The school has converted its former studio building into a very stylish dorm-style hotel, complete with Marcel Breuer's steel tube furniture.

It costs just $55 (for a double) to spend the night in the building that housed architecture students between 1925 and 1932, which is really quite a steal to stay anywhere, never mind at the very epicenter of an influential design movement. In late October, the hotel will open a suite of rooms inspired by the style of a famous former resident, including Josef Albers and Franz Ehrlich. One small inconvenience to prepare for are communal bathrooms—and communal showers. Other than, dare we say this experience sounds, well, simply fantastisch.

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