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This 'Fortress of Glass' is Made of Six Million Glass Bottles

It's not breaking news that contemporary homebuilders are having a bit of an illicit liaison with glass walls, dreaming up (privacy be damned!) glass structures of all shapes, sizes, and degrees of beauty. Artist Tito Ingenieri, who lives near Buenos Aires? Yeah, he's taking a different approach to the glass concept. Rather than going sleek, he's going the way of, err, the recycled Heineken bottle house, crafting his residential compound (including a three-story lighthouse and workshop) from six million bottles—everything from beer receptacles to wine vessels to perfume containers. "The truth is, I owe so much to the public because thanks to them, who drank so much alcohol and threw everything out, I was able to make a house, says homeowner, artist Tito Ingenieri, whose spent the last 20 years building the walls—some as high as 30 feet—of his recycled home "It's paradise for me. It's like living in another dimension." Below, watch him explain his Fortaleza de Vidrio ("Fortress of Glass") in HGTV's You Live in What?, recently spotted over at HuffPost Home.

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