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Despite Showdown, PCMR Appears Not To Be Evicted

Well, despite the wild turn of an eviction notice delivered to Park City Mountain Resort offices last week, the ski area has not apparently vacated its ski terrain and turned all the lifts (and water rights) over to Talisker despite yesterday's deadline. Vail Resorts, who took over litigation for the lawsuit between PCMR and Talisker as part of their lease deal for The Canyons, issued a statement on Thursday following the eviction notice that said that it would not interfere with PCMR's attempts to run their ski area this winter, saying in the statement that "there is no intent by Talisker to take any action that would prevent PCMR's ability to operate their resort during the upcoming 2013-2014 ski season." The notice also said that the eviction notice was simply a procedural move to push the lawsuit along, and that "we anticipate that there will be a number of actions required to bring this dispute to closure."

The same day that Vail released the statement, PCMR released one of their own entitled "Our Reaction to Vail's Notice," in which the ski resort claimed that "we're not giving into this bullying by Vail."

Whatever the case, locals don't seem to be especially enamored of the corporate parties on either side of the lawsuit, and would really just prefer their season passes stay intact and that someone just build a connecting lift between PCMR and The Canyons already.
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