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Here Now, Shots of Sky City Tower's Construction Test Run

While construction on China's Sky City Tower, the 220-story skyscraper that promises to be the world's next tallest building, screeched to a halt 10 days after breaking ground—officially kiboshing its pact to build Sky City in a breakneck 90 days 210 days—the developers, Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) have gone ahead and built a slice of the tower "to test and refine the design," writes Tree Hugger. Pictured above: a full-scale replica of what will be floors 165-173. "If they are going to build it 24 times as high they have to get it right."

Last month, in an interview with the Times, the chairman of Broad Sustainable Building said the government hold was "because of all the concern in the media and on the Internet, the government is a little wary and has slowed down the process." However, the Urban Planning Department of Changsha, China say a paperwork mishap was to blame, telling CNN in July that BSB had secured permits to obtain 22 acres of land, "but that's it." In any case, the developers now say construction will wrap in June or July of next year—never mind the fact that construction was supposed to begin in November 2012 and finish up by March 2013. Anyway, photos are below. Renderings of the completed project? Right this way.

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