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Philly Home Mixes 'Victorian Luxury' With, Uh, Octopuses

Apartment Therapy bills this house in South Philly as "Victorian-style luxury on a skate rat's budget," a "smorgasbord for the eyes," and an "ode to ornamentalism," but really all that's successfully imprinting on the psyche is the fact that this house more than likely boasts the highest tentacles-per-square-foot ratio ever to be seen in our great nation. Ah, but push beyond that initial reaction and discover this place isn't all octopuses all the time, and in fact there's plenty of swordfish, old-timey scuba outfits, puffer fish lamps, and unidentified-sea-monster sconces to make this home a(nother!) veritable curiosity cabinet of under-the-sea themed decor oddities. Step right up, folks.

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