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These Shipping Containers are London's 'Weirdest Building'

London's Container City II, which brags about being one of the "world's weirdest buildings," has opened its modular, brightly colored doors to Airbnb, the vacation-rentals site that's no stranger to odd rentals across the globe. Made entirely from recycled shipping containers—something of an architectural movement—the 431-foot one-bedroom flat, one of 22 units in the complex, is going for $199 a night.

The Airbnb listing is pretty scarce on interior shots, which could be a bit of an ominous sign, but from the single shot posted (?), the reused structure looks to offer a curtained-off bedroom, a small living room, and a lot of sunlight, thanks to the round port-hole-like windows. The apartment complex sits on Trinity Buoy Wharf, an "arts community" on the river Thames, so perspective renters also have the chance to be "surrounded by artists and musicians" to look forward to. Amazingly, this is but one of many Container City communities—check out the team's a many other projects over here.

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