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'Magical, Secluded Paradise Retreat' in Florida Asks $32M

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Located in St. Joseph Bay, on Florida's Gulf Coast, is Black's Island, a deluxe private property with a $32M price tag. Named for Captain Black, the seven-acre island's first owner back in the 1830s, the secluded spot is accessible only by boat, seaplane or helicopter.

This listing is probably a better fit for the (very, very rich) entrepreneurial people-lover than the (very, very rich) recluse, as the land was developed into a resort in 2009. The new owners of Black's Island will acquire 26 bungalows connected by a 1,200-foot cypress boardwalk, plus amenities such as putting greens, a central entertainment center, swimming pools, a helipad, and a hot tub, according to Private Islands Online. For a look at what the brokerbabble calls the "magical, secluded paradise retreat, complete with world-class accommodations," check out the photos below, and be sure to head over to Zillow for a few more (slightly grainy) interior shots.

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