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$39K Will Help Turn London Architecture Into a Chess Set

Photos via Kickstarter

A couple of London-based architects have taken to Kickstarter to try and turn their "passion for architecture and the game of chess" into a viable, sellable product. Skyline Chess, now a prototype—a trendy 3D-printed one!—reinterprets classic chess pieces as iconic London buildings. In this microcosm, Norman Foster's Gherkin is the bishop, and "the most dominant building on London's Skyline," the Shard, operates as queen. (Makes sense, because the Renzo Piano design, the city's tallest building, has instilled fear in many of her subjects.) Naturally, Big Ben is the rook, the role of knight is played by the London Eye, and Canary Wharf is king. The city's official worst building and the building that's melting cars did not earn rank in this game, sadly.

Anyway, at the time of this posting the project has garned 38 backers contributing £3,555 of the needed £25,000 (about $39K). If the goal is met, the creators hope to expand the line with future cities—"we have visions of global domination" and "our vision is to create a new chess experience, where you can take any of the world's iconic cities and pit them against each other." Apparently designs for Paris and New York are already in the pipeline, leaving us all to debate which building would be queen in either of those boards. More pics and diagrams, below, and be sure to head to Kickstarter to watch the two-minute promo.

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