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7 Fab Pics of the World's Funkiest Vacant Victoria's Secret

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Photos via Gothamist

Gothamist recently stepped inside the 10,000-square-foot space formerly known as Victoria's Secret in the South Street Seaport mall, a structure that will come head-on with the wrecking ball in a few weeks. This summer, determined to give the abandoned building one last hurrah, the husband-and-wife team behind the wallpaper firm Flat Vernacular set up shop in there, paying only the insurance to rent the space, free of charge, from the mall's owner. They overhauled the remnants of the former Victoria's Secret decor (including "dumping more than 60 gallons of paint on the floor to neutralize the nauseating rosé carpet") and plastered the walls with colorful, patterned Flat Vernacular designs—a pop-up showroom, of sorts, to broadcast the brand's wares. A dressing room got a treated with bonkers typographical mural; on another wall, carefully arranged pencils create a new breed of ikat; and elsewhere in the room, watercolor-esque floral samples overlay a robust black-and-white damask. Take the tour, above.

· Photos: Victoria's Secret Reborn As "Bespoke Wallpaper" Speakeasy In Dying South Street Seaport Mall [Gothamist via Gizmodo]