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This Log Cabin Looks Like a Neatly Stacked Pile of Logs

Photos via Accidental Mysteries

Spotted today over on Boing Boing: a video of Dutch cabaret performer Hans Liberg leading a minute-long tour of his rather awesome tree-trunk recording studio in The Netherlands. Liberg commissioned the structure from his friend Piet Hein Eek, a Dutch furniture designer known for his use of recycled materials; it's got sliding glass windows, a pretty organized-looking interior, and the whole thing is actually on wheels. When means, of course, this particular version of a modern-day forest sanctuary can roll just about anywhere. Take a closer look below, and keep on scrolling down for the quick video tour (which includes, naturally, a jaunty song from Liberg).

The Video:

· Working in the Woodpile [Accidental Mysteries via Boing Boing]