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$6.9M Wilson Ranch Sports BBQ-Ready "Man Pavilion"

The quintessential American man cave is usually a windowless finished basement where the wife has sequestered her husband's college football watching venue, along with the fridge of Budweiser, pool table, and pictures of caras out of view of visiting friends and family. But for the men whose private fascinations revolve more around food than football, the outdoor pavilion at the Tucker Ranch compound could be a perfect retreat. This little slice of open-air paradise is loaded with cooking gizmos, including an oven, lobster boiler, a smoker, a grill, a fridge, a wood-fired pizza oven, possibly even a griddle, and a good ol' stone fireplace to heat people instead of meat. With that kind of equipment, we wouldn't be surprised if potential buyers start appearing from the confines of the pavilion behind enormous racks of pulled pork and meat lovers' pizza in butt-ugly bowling shirts with freshly-bleached blond tips.

Thankfully, there's plenty of space to avoid the family's new Guy Fieri doppelgänger in the 3,575 square foot main house, 1,080 square foot guest house with caretaker's apartment, or in the 3-stall horse bran and greenhouse. All that comes on 4.66 acres for $6.9 million.

· 3440 Tucker Ranch Road, Wilson, WY [Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates]