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European LEGO Enthusiasts Builds Scale Model Chairlifts

European Lego enthusiast TheTimmy376 has his own Youtube channel highlighting the various chairlifts he's built entirely out of LEGOs, including the entirely functional, Doppelmayr-branded "Ochsengipfel Express" detachable chairlift above. It trumps even the most complex LEGO creation most of us dreamed up as kids, and each even has its own scale-model control panel with the same buttons, switches, and sounds as the chair at your home mountain. It's hard to tell which of TheTimmy376's creations is more impressive - a fully functioning detachable chairlift, or a single chair that goes from the creator's backyard all the way up to his second-story bedroom.

The Ochsenalmlift single seater features a high-tension cable lifting 28 LEGO chairs along a 103-foot cable whose longest unsupported section is 23 feet long. Chalk one up for the overachievers...
· TheTimmy376 Channel [Youtube]