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Crazy Modern Cube in an Old Water Tower Asks $7.4M

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The past lives of buildings are something of a Curbed fascination, and this one, a modern conversion of a 150-year-old water tower in London, is pretty high up there in the race to keep the old-meets-new theme interesting. The home made the rounds online around Thanksgiving last year, and is now listed for £4.75M (about $7.4M). It's unclear why the sellers are willing to part with it; as the story goes, the construction of their dream house was a rather complicated task, one involving six-foot-thick walls, a steel tank, and 2,000 dead pigeons occupying the old space. But, thanks to what was probably an astronomical budget, it took all of eight months to carve out and construct the glass-encased manse, which boasts five bedrooms, a gym, a rooftop terrace, an elevator, an ultra-modern kitchen, and a glass-walled viewing room overlooking the city. More below.

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