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These Rooms Were Given the 'Test Strip Effect' in Real Life

At first glance, this room, produced by the London-based photographer Benedict Morgan, looks overlaid with some sort of ombre Photoshop effect. As the blog It's Nice That points out, though, Morgan's Painted Stripes series is just that: carefully painted interiors sets made to mimic "the process you do in the dark room when exposing different sections of the test strip to get the correct exposure," he explains. "You end up with a striped image, each stripe darker than the next. So in these works instead of each line being exposed differently, they have been painted with different tones of grey. To achieve the test strip effect, the lines needed to be perfectly straight, so they were painted in perspective over the set giving the illusion that they are different levels of exposure." Another look, below.

· Photography: Benedict Morgan's crisp staged photographs will blow your mind [It's Nice That via Laughing Squid]