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A Look at Barbie's 'Virtual Brutalist Dystopia' Dreamhouse

Images via Dezeen

Sick of the bubblegum-pink interiors so characteristic of Barbie's Dreamhouse—including the newest model, which was just released after a few marketing stunts put on by Mattel—London film company SHOWStudio and fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic designed a far more sordid place for the plastic doll to live: a "virtual brutalist dystopia," as Dezeen puts it, made to look realish by 3D animation.

In this vision, "diamond-encrusted accents, crystal chandeliers, custom mirrors, reclaimed exotic woods, natural stone and concrete" are replaced by "a cluster of brutalist structures, a forest of silver birch trees on the roof and a basement cinema." So while it lacks shoe storage, this blocky, unseemly structure is not without its creature comforts; there's a soundproofed bedroom, a "sunken lounge," an elevator, a Jacuzzi, and—that amenity to crush all amenities—a flat-screen TV. However, the overall vibe is "a seemingly endless expanse of velvety black," which will no doubt offend the lady's delicate sensibilities—not to mention her design expertise acquired from her illustrious career working as an architect. Head to Dezeen for a movie.

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