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Eight Nutso Details in Florida's 'Oval Office Replica' Manse

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Another day, another crazy-rich enthusiast building a personal Oval Office in his multimillion-dollar estate. Adding to the version in Longview, Texas, is Mision Lago, a newly completed 25,000-square-foot mansion in Florida. The owners, who made millions in pharmaceuticals, moved to the Tampa area after living in Malibu, where the wife "had an opportunity to really study California architecture," she explains in a video interview (below) with the Tampa Bay Times. "And I fell in love with it." Blending that with an interest Santa Fe—"because it's really spiritual and very calming," she says—with the "Mission-type look" yielded the "typical Southern California Spanish Colonial" design of this $7.5M house, which is an amalgam of the couple's many, many interests: orchids, puzzles, artwork from the American Southwest, rock and roll, sports memorabilia, and art and antiques.

Unsurprisingly, the 900-square-foot Oval Office is but one of many astounding things about the place, which boasts a "microscopic sense of detail." Translation, courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times:

· There's an "18-foot-tall, 650-pound chandelier with onyx-topped candelabras."
· The wine cellar was "built mostly to showcase a stained-glass church window they found at a Miami salvage yard, and because 'everybody says you've got to have a wine cellar.'"
· The dining room's chairs are covered with alligator skin.
· There's a "California king bed the couple bought in Malibu from Cher."
· In the bathroom, 'S' monograms were etched on the doors of their walk-in shower "because Tom kept walking into the glass."
· An subterranean replica of the Tampa Theatre boasts 1,700 stars "hand-drilled to precisely mirror the nighttime sky over eastern Hillsborough County."
· There's a "sports lounge modeled after the infield at Tropicana Field and featuring old seats from Yankee Stadium."
· Rafters are made of "Ponderosa pine, harvested from a Colorado forest and hand-scraped to fashionable distress."

If this all sounds, well, a tad extravagant, the couple informs that they "thought this would be a wonderful way that we could give back in the sense that if somebody wanted to have any type of charity events or things like that, we would have a place for them to be." Take a video tour:

The Video:

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