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Inside Cameron Diaz's Kelly Wearstler-Designed Apartment

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Photos by William Abranowicz/Elle Decor

Challenging Arch Digest in the battle for the best celebrity-studded October-issue cover story is Elle Decor, which publishes a huge spread on Cameron Diaz's Manhattan apartment. Adding oomph to the story is the fact that the 2,400-square-foot unit was decorated by maximalist glamourpuss—sorry, that would be, ahem, "the West Coast's reigning queen of razzle-dazzle"—Kelly Wearstler, who was just the person to indulge the actress's "love of sparkly, shiny things."

Originally the apartment had "all-white rooms done up in a vaguely nautical theme," but Wearstler fixed all that with metallic tones, de Gournay wallpapers, chairs from Milo Baughman and Vladimir Kagan, dramatic light fixtures, luxe silks, vintage pieces from the 1960s, and, as one would expect, a couple of decorative disembodied body parts. In the kitchen, Diaz, whom Wearstler says "was so involved in every step, every choice," went for "the fearless combination of unsealed brass countertops and dramatic emerald-green cabinets in the kitchen," which is "a bit like living in a silk-lined jewelry box." The bauble theme continues:
"Light fixtures of mottled glass and hammered metal punctuate rooms with the élan of showstopping earrings. In the lavish bathroom, an artful grid of bronze knobs is strung across a stretch of storage like beads on a necklace. A fabulous brooch could have been the inspiration behind the leaf-shape glass sconces flanking the dining room table." Will these bejeweled interior, uh, élan soon become tossed into the dark abyss of listing photos? Only time will tell: Diaz has recently been spotted examining the goods elsewhere.

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