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Let This Iowa House be a Guide to Asian Architecture/Decor

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A tipster writes in to comment on the "chinoiserie gone wrong" in this Iowa two-bedroom, currently listed for $265K. But, oh! How doth Iowa love its Asian motifs? Let us count (some of) the ways: one part of the roofline is upturned, much like a pagoda; two welcoming gold lions are affixed to the red interior side of the front door; there's a bright-red awning-type thing, somewhat reminiscent of Chinatown gates in major cities, trumpeting the driveway; ceiling beams and gables hint at shoji screens; the kitchen cabinetry and much of the furniture is black with gold accents, a common pairing in Chinese porcelain and furniture; and, well, the overall color palette—red, gold, black, and white—thoughtfully extends to the stackable plastic chairs on the patio. Perhaps just to keep things interesting, there's also a pastel bedroom and bathroom that don't match anything. A look:

· 1228 17th Street, West Des Moines, Iowa [Trulia]