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Judge Dismisses Case Against Schweitzer's Alleged Seat Slasher

Accused seat slasher David Markwardt is off the hook, at least for the moment, since a judge decided in preliminary hearings that the state of Idaho didn't have enough evidence to show that Markwardt had done over $1000 in damages to Schweitzer Mountain Resort's chairlift seats, a required minimum to prosecute Markwardt for a felony. Back in April Schweitzer filed a lawsuit against Markwardt, a retired physician who owned two condos at the base of the mountain, for allegedly causing $8,000 in damages to 60 seats on five separate chairlifts by slashing at them with a knife over the past two seasons. The case was dismissed without prejudice, which means the state can revive the case if it chooses to.

The dismissal will no doubt irk Schweitzer, who has had a contentious relationship with the defendant for years. Markwardt had claimed the suit was a vendetta against him for complaints he filed with the Americans with Disabilities Act for violations at the resort, which aside from a single handicapped parking spot that needed to be widened, were unfounded. Markwardt then called the resort a bunch of "law breaking cowards," and was subsequently banned from all resort property except the two condos he owned, which they removed from the rental pool. He then claimed the resort damaged property in his rooms intentionally. Will this bizarre and hostile saga continue this winter, with more innocent seats being ruthlessly slashed?
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